PavePlus relies on ultralight backpacking techniques that reduce the volume and weight of what you need to carry on tour. It is about completely re-evaluating what is necessary. The benefit is an increase in the enjoyment of the riding itself. Instead of driving a truck you are enjoying a sports car. This does not come without sacrifice however. You can no longer throw-in the kitchen sink. You must think about each item you propose to bring and determine if it is really needed at all.

The first major imporvement is to get rid of the classic bike touring panniers and switch to MTB bikepacking bags. Bikepacking bags were developed for mountain bikers who needed to ride on narrow trails and could not have wide profile panniers hitting the sides of the trail. They require no heavy metal racks to hold them and general fit within the width profile of the bike, not beyond.

The largest is the seat bag where larger items can be stored. The next is the triangle bag in the middle of the bike frame. Then smaller bags on the top tube and finally a handlebar bag.

Here is a quick video, again from Global Cycling network, showing that you really can pack a lot of items in a set of bikepacking bags.

Here is a nice introduction to ultralight backpacking showing techniques you can use for PavePlus riding.


Bikepacking bags are getting more and more popular and can be purchased from major suppliers like Blackburn, Topeak and name brand bike companies.

But some production bike bags may not be a good fit for your bike. That is where a custom bag builder can make you a bag to fit your particular bike, many times for no more than a production bag.

Companies like , Porcelain Rocket and Bedrockbags