3T Exploro

The new offering from 3T is the example of bike optimized for Paveplus. It is a carbon fiber aerodynamic stead that  flies down the road but with clearance for wide tires giving it access to the roughstuff. It is a road bike first and gravel bike second. Yet fully capable off the road. It claims to be aerodynamically designed for the wider profile of the fat tires.


I am certainly not making any recommendations. This is a very expensive bike but it does represent the niche well. But there are many more reasonably priced offerings these days.

Some industry quotes

“A bike that literally can replace an entire stable gathering dust in a garage. A bike that exhibits the ride and reactive feel of a road frame to keep you competitive on the fastest group attack, yet can handle a black diamond extreme downhill at your local summer mountain.”

“It’s mad, but I like it! On the smoother sections the Exploro flies like the road bike on steroids it really is, and there’s a perverse pleasure in tackling rocky descents aboard a machine that feels so familiar to a roadie like me.”

Frameset of the Year “As an experiment, I did one of my standard tarmac rides on the Exploro as fast as I could and the speed was very similar to what I’d expect on a standard road bike. And that’s on a bike with 47mm tyres and disc brakes. I was stunned.”

“It’s without a doubt the most race-specific gravel bike available, and not only in terms of aerodynamics. More important than that, it’s lightweight, torsionally stiff, and has a performance geometry while still feeling well balanced at high speed.”